Friday, August 24, 2007

Your Own Free Restaurant Web Site

You can now use like your own FREE restaurant web site. Once you post your menu and it is verified you can add a directory name and that is your URL. You get a simple web address like It is easy to give out on the phone and easy to put in an advertisement.

Your menu has to be complete and verified before this option is available. This is done because we don't want anybody to reserving a URL without adding a menu. The point of this site is to add menus.

The most recent restaurants to use this feature are:
Kingsmill Food Mart
Paul's Pancake Parlor
Bernice's Bakery

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Receipt System Offers More Nutritional Info

Posted 8/23/2007

Imagine ordering lunch and getting a receipt that not only shows your meal's impact on your wallet, but also on your waistline.

For diners at several Southern California fast-food restaurants, it's a reality. After buying their meals, they get receipts that also include a custom nutritional breakdown of what they ordered. The receipts display the calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein and nutritional daily value for everything they ordered.

Moreover, the receipt shows the impact of customized orders. If you say "Hold the mayo," your receipt will indicate how many calories and fat grams you saved by that decision and how it affected other nutritional categories. If you ask for extra cheese, you'll see how many calories and fat grams were added to your meal, as well as changes in protein and other nutrients.
Complete Article

Nutrition information could be added to menu system. Then restaurants could give interested patrons that menu rather than on every receipt. Nutrition is a major issue but how many people want to see it every time they have a nice meal out. Please let us know if you are interested in this feature. Contact Info.

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Menu Development - Bowled Over

By Marc Halperin - QSR Magazine

Quick-serves could make big menu news by offering comforting soups and stews.
Soup offers potential for fast food menus.

In a fast-food world of often-complex sandwich builds, labor-intensive fresh salads, and other high-maintenance menu items, wouldn’t it be great to find a transaction-generator that’s relatively cheap to prepare, simple to store, already familiar to consumers, and capable of being rendered in near-limitless combinations of flavors and styles?

Welcome to the wide, but still largely unexplored, world of quick-serve soups and stews. For years, Wendy’s signature chili was about the only high-profile entry in this category, which seems a bit strange, given the widespread popularity of broths, bisques, chowders, consommés, and other hot liquid or semi-liquid delicacies.
Complete Article makes it easy to add new soups to your menu. It only take a few minutes to type in the name, description and price. Then the world can see you new soups is available. No waiting it is live then you post it. Make your life easier, Starting creating a new menu today.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Advertising your Grub Club Menu Works!

I got a call from a restaurant owner last July 30th about his menu. Mike was his name and he wanted his menu activated ASAP. His restaurunt was new and they had a ad coming out in the local paper in a few days. I was out of town so I had not checked for new menus and so had not yet activated it. A soon as I returned the following week I activated the menu and Mike was able to advertise it. It is my understaning that he had limited space so was only going to say that it could be found at rather than include the entire URL. I checked the site reporting last night and their menu had been viewed 49 times. Since the menu and restauraunt are so new most of that traffic had to have come from the advertizing in the newspaper. That took only about two weeks.

This is great news for both of us. That means that it is working for the restaurant and that they are probably getting new customers. It is great news for because this shows that it pays to advertise your Grub Club menu. It also shows that restaurant patrons want to see menus online. Since they didn't give their URL all these people took the time to go to and search for the menu. If they were not completely interested they never would have wasted there time.

This again proves a point I have been trying to make to restaurants. Restaurant patrons want to see the menu online. If you post your menu potential customers will take the time to look at it. We provide the online menu service for Free so if you need more customers do it today.

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The Grub Club in the News!

June 2007 Three Rivers Lifestyle Magazine published a really nice article on TheGrubClub and our efforts to use it to support our daughter's medical needs. It can be found at over a 100 locations in the Missoula, Montana area. Pick one up if you see it. It is a very nice magazine. The article should be on their web site soon.

Three River Lifestyle Magazine

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Monday, August 20, 2007

89% Of Consumers Research Online Before Selecting A Restaurant

Published in Building Better Restaurants, One Owner at a Time

AIS Media, Inc., a leading e-business solutions company and the developer of Excerpo® Mail and Excerpo® Storefront announced the results of online polling of America’s consumers concerning the restaurant industry and its approach to the internet and online

“The poll showed that 89% of consumers have researched a restaurant online prior to visiting a restaurant. This result shows the impact that online services and marketing are having on the restaurant industry. Among those who research online prior to selecting a restaurant, 57% of respondents said that they check out the restaurant’s website. This was greatest among respondents in the 25-45 age groups and in the Northeast and Pacific coast.
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This is what I have been trying to get across to restaurant owners but never could. Get your Free online menu today at

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