Friday, January 16, 2009

Menu Posting and Search Engine Submission Service

Are you too busy to add your menu? We can help.

Just email, fax or mail us your menus and we will post them for you.
Next - Google, Yahoo & MSN

We will contact the big three search engines, Google, Yahoo, MSN, and submit your listing to them. This will insure that if someone does a search for "Your Restaurant, Your City, Your State" people will find your listing. It will also help people who are looking for a new restaurant to find you. You will also receive a you own web address that can be posted at your establishment and used in advertising. It will be something like:

The great thing about these search engines is that it is verifiable. Both Google and Live/MSN require validation so you will receive a post card saying that your listing was submitted. For Yahoo a simple search on "Your Restaurant, Your City, Your State" will show that your restaurant has been listed. There will be no doubt that this was completed. Phone calls about your menu online will also confirm that people are finding your menu.
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