Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Paul Myers of Restaurant 515 is nominated the coveted James Beard Award

The biggest food news in Missoula this week is the inclusion of Paul Myers of Restaurant 515 on the long list of nominees being considered for the coveted James Beard Award given annually by the James Beard Foundation.

Myers was nominated in the "Best Chef-Northwest" category - arguably one of the most difficult groups in which to stand out since there are so many talented chefs in the Northwest region.

For the last five years, Seattle and Portland have dominated the category, and lesser-known places like Missoula have yet to make it to the party.
This year, Myers hopes to grab the brass ring.

Both of Myers' mentors in food and fine dining have also made the long list this year: Molecular gastronomy pioneer Wylie Dufresne of "WD-50 Restaurant" - famous for serving better food through chemistry - was nominated in the category for "Best Chef-New York City," and Tom Douglas of Seattle's Tom Douglas Restaurants (which includes eateries like Dahlia Lounge and Palace Kitchen) was nominated for "Outstanding Restaurateur."


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