Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Missoula Chamber of Commerce Teams Up with TheGrubClub.com to help Food Service Businesses

The Missoula Chamber and The Grub Club.com are happy to announce an alliance to help restaurants and caterers promote their businesses online. When a member business posts their menu at TheGrubClub.com a link will be added to the Chamber's website pointing to that menu. TheGrubClub.com will also add a highlight to the restaurant's listing noting that they are a chamber member. This new program should help the food service industry and ultimately benefit most businesses in the Missoula area.

Restaurant benefits:
- Their Menu posted at TheGrubClub.com for free
- A link from the chamber site to their menu on TheGrubClub.com
- An enhanced listing on TheGrubClub.com showing that they are a chamber member
- More customers
- Better service for existing customers

The Chamber benefits:

- Improved value for their web site
- Overall improvement for business in the Missoula area
- Another way to entice restaurants to join the chamber

TheGrubClub benefits:

- The credibility of the chamber promoting their web site
- More menus

This is a total win, win for the Missoula Chamber, Chamber Members and TheGrubClub.com

To get you menu on TheGrubClub.com:
Post it yourself
Email to: menus at thegrubclub dot com (Formated to prevent spamming)
Fax to: Area Code (Seven Zero Three) 783 - Five Five Five 2 (Formated to stop unsolicited faxes)
Mail menus to: TheGrubClub.com, PO Box 3285, Missoula, MT 59806

If you are a member of your local chamber of commerce please let them know that this arrangement is available to them also.

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Great Idea!!


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